Does Procerin Work for Women?

Contrary to popular belief, women experience hair loss as well. Though their hair loss is more commonly seen in terms of hair thinning (which, after too much thinning, gives the impression of hair loss) it is equally as, if not more so, as debilitating to a woman's self confidence.

When a woman sees that she's losing her hair, or that her hair is starting to thin, it is vital that she try to start using some sort of treatment as soon as she can. Just like with male products, you want to start using a natural product because many of the other chemical products cause a number of different side effects that should be avoided at all costs.

The best natural product for stopping hair loss in the world is Procerin. So the question for more women is, then: Does Procerin Work for Women??

When it comes to most natural products, herbal and mineral remedies are created equal. However, with hair loss in women, that is unfortunately not the case. Women have different causes for hair loss, usually due to hormonal changes (similar to male hair loss) but not related to DHT, which is the leading treatable cause of hair loss in men.

That means that unfortunately, the answer to the question Does Procerin Work for Women? is unfortunately no.

However, just because Procerin cannot be used for female hair loss does not mean there is not a natural formula that strengthens hair as effectively as Procerin for female hair loss and hair thinning.

The same manufacturers that created Procerin have gone to work on an alternative formula that uses a complete mixture of all of the best herbs and minerals in order to create both an easy to use foam and a nutritional supplement designed to help fight women's hair loss.

The product is known as Sephren. It is designed in the same manner as Procerin (with topical treatment for the hair on the outside of your body and a supplement to go to work on the inside of your body) except that it uses ingredients that work more effectively with women's hair loss and women's bodies.

Does Procerin Work for Women? Perhaps not. But Sephren is equally as effective as Procerin, just as safe, and designed to meet a woman's needs when it comes to treating her hair loss issues.

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